CPSA USA 2021 – Distinguished Analytical Scientist Award

Christophe Stove, Ghent University – Patient-centric sampling: finding the sweet spot

“Serendipity…. I like the sound of this word. It might be my favorite word in the English language.” – Christophe Stove, Ghent University (CPSA Everyday / CPSA USA 2021)

Updated Forecasts. Our CPSA USA 2021 Distinguished Analytical Scientist Award Event was a wonderful celebration! Congratulations to Christophe Stove who led a most memorable presentation – humble, grateful, appreciative, and hopeful – entitled “Patient-Centric Sampling: Finding the Sweet Spot.” We will continue to celebrate Christophe’s significant contributions to our field – and make each day a Holiday to focus on key ingredients to find the “sweet spot” for patient-centric sampling. Sincere congratulations and thanks Christophe – and thanks to New Objective – our Award Sponsor.

  • Serendipity (Binodh) 
    • Unplanned, small things that make you turn and seems to be the right one. 
      • …. I got a phone call and the rest is history. 
    • Let things evolve and see how they mature.
  • Collaboration (Kevin)
    • Partnerships are essential. 
    • One can’t be good at everything. 
    • Identify complementaries, how you can help, how they can help, reach for higher goals. 
    • Patient centric sampling needs collaboration. Not just the technical, the measurement, explaining to the patient, it’s about bringing it all players together in order to make it all fit together like a puzzle. 
    • Have faith in each other. 
    • Patient centric sampling really works.
  • Outreach (Emily) 
    • We can’t be just talking amongst ourselves. 
    • We must go outside the lab. 
    • When what we are doing is known, is feasible, can work, does work, allows us to make others move and set up studies that were unimaginable. 
    • Communicate well, provide feedback to the public, through bottom up change things by making public. 
    • Make the decision makers aware.
  • Quality (Jack) 
    • Faith in results need quality methods and samples. 
    • Educate the patient on the importance of quality sample. 
    • Put responsibility for good quality sample on the patient.
    • Frame it – looking together – make it both parties’ responsibility.
  • Sweet Spot (Melanie) 
    • Strive for home monitoring. 
    • Allows sampling when and where needed. 
    • Best suited to when sample needs to be taken. 
    • Some parties may need to be convinced, financial or effort may be required. 
    • Know when to apply patient centric sampling longitudinally, find the sweet spot, the ideal application.
  • Trustworthiness (Amanda) 
    • Discussion diverted to hematocrit. 
    • Reset thanks to Kevin!
      • “Our job is to demonstrate value. Impact on health is enormous. This is our mission. It will take a community like this to do it.” – Kevin Bateman, Merck 
  • And more baubles! More than ornamental! 
    • Collaboration (Robyn)
    • Multidisciplinary (Neil)
    • Additional inspiration! 
      • Innovation (Alla)
    • New!
      • Patient Centricity (Kevin)

Lessons Learned. It is our time to do something. Together. Everyday.