CPSA USA 2021 Imagine Summit – Building tomorrow today

Imagineer – James Rudge, Neoteryx

We are in a Tower of Babel moment. Current systems do not talk to each other and we need a universal language in the lab that gives control to the user and allows back compatibility.” – James Rudge, Neoteryx (CPSA Everyday / CPSA USA 2021)

Updated Forecasts. Our CPSA USA 2021 Imagine Summit was led by sponsors New Objective and Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions and featured James Rudge of Neoteryx. James shared a dynamic vision and thought provoking narrative – on behalf of the patient – with some unique perspectives derived from recent observations and experiences. Some specific take home messages highlight the importance of communication – communications that are meaningful to both scientists and non-scientists as well as translatable (scientist to non-scientist); with a vision of novel laboratory practices that will benefit the patient such as universal transfer / sharing and universal platforms. 

  • Communication – Science to Non-Scientists
    • Prevent pseudoscience and conspiracy theories
    • Engage – actively engage non-scientists
      • Patients and family members
      • Help to keep pace with rapid pace of science
    • Reality – Dreams and imagination from “Sci-Fi” of long ago are now a reality
    • Demonstrate and educate – what is possible
  • Communication – Platforms for Facile Transfer and Sharing
    • Create – Platforms for Omics (multi and integrated)
      • Translate – Speak patient language / unify laboratory with patient
    • Population-based testing – Platforms dedicated to patient (natural bias exists for scientist)
      • Translate – Speak patient language / show connection of patient with laboratory
    • Longitudinal / personalized platforms
      • Translate – Speak patient language / demonstrate benefits
    • Reality – Accelerate Omics to become more integrated and commonplace
      • Translate – Make specialized tools more commercial / accessible
  • Communication – Universal Platforms
    • Consider – Simplified (more) platforms rather than specialized (LIMS wrappers)
    • Construct – Models to help create standards

Lessons Learned. It is our time to do something. Together. Everyday.

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